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Alternative Work Arrangements:  Getting Back to Work

The New Normal

Now that you are focusing on getting your business or organization back to 'normal', you have some work to do in determining what your new normal looks like. Many members on your teams have been forced to work remotely and may feel like they are experts at working from home. 


Whether you feel like you're specialists in remote work or not, there are many areas to consider to ensure you are poised for any business disrupters. Readiness gives you and your organization the foundation and flexibility you need to have your teams working safely in the office with proper physical distancing, taking advantage of alternative scheduling such as 3 or 4-day workweeks, flextime, and/or split shift schedules. To make these strategies work you, it's important to build clear guidelines and policies to protect your business and your employees whether these measures are short term or in response to an event such as COVID-19, they will be part of your long-term strategy.  


Demarche consulting is an expert in Remote Work and Getting Back to Work as the state starts to reopen for business. By supporting your organization in creating a results-driven remote or alternative work program with training and systems for measuring results, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction, you are truly ready to retain business continuity and keep your business moving forward in alignment with your goals in any event.


Our clients included AAA Washington, the University of Washington School of Medicine, NW Kidney Foundation, PeopleConnect/Intellius, and more.  


We've done the work in creating training and toolkits, all you need to do is customize it to your organization's needs.  To get more info or to get started, contact us at or call 206-235-1108.


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