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Business Continuity Through an Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to fundamentally change the way many organizations operate for the foreseeable future. As governments and businesses around the state impose business to closures, self-quarantine and to practice social distancing to respond to the containing the Coronavirus, remote work is our new reality. How do corporate leaders, managers, and individual workers make this sudden shift?

Businesses and organizations within King County who can offer their employees alternative workplace strategies such as remote work, flex scheduling, compressed workweek, and satellite office position themselves to be poised for business continuity no matter the conditions and distractors. Current work distractors include construction that impacts traffic, inclement weather, increasing congestion, disruptions to mass transit, and the current major disruptor, COVID19 which is causing the county to rapidly impose mandatory social distancing.

Demarche worked as the consultant with King County Metro on developing their remote work program for our regional businesses. Now that COVID 19 is upon us, this program is perfect for supporting organizations in how to formalize a remote work program to keep business continuity whether this is your new norm or to respond to a short-term emergency. Creating a remote work strategy for your organization could be a perfect opportunity for you to be at the forefront by being ready for remote work to maintain business continuity no matter the situation. Even if your organization is lacking the optimal infrastructure to fully roll out this kind of program, you could still do more to be productive if the decision is made to shut down office operations for the immediate future.

Remote work options include remote work, compressed workweek, flex schedules, and satellite office, so there could be an alternative to many of your workers. Demarche would support you in the following activities: setting up guidelines and policy, design and implementation strategy to support adoption, training remote workers, managers, and those working with telecommuters, and helping you gather metrics for accountability.

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