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Knowledge Transfer Part 3

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Some Heuristics for Knowledge TransferFive principles to consider when deciding which transfer tactics are most useful or when evaluating the practices in place are provided below:

  1. The practice(s) should benefit current performance as well as help build future capabilities.

  2. Understand the motivational barriers to knowledge transfer. Specifically, is there a willingness of veteran employees to share knowledge and of less experienced employees to access and reuse it?

  3. The tactics chosen should provide/produce as specific desired result – given the budget and time available. Tactics might be mentoring, communities of practice, training, etc. (see chart).

  4. Practices should focus on learning forward – not just on capturing and telling war stories.

  5. Consider specific knowledge-related barriers that can disrupt transfer practices such as the nature of previous relationships, inability of individual or groups to recognize the value of new knowledge, and a lack of clarity about the connection between new knowledge and outcomes.

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