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Doing It Differently

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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Sometimes, as leaders and as subject matter experts, we get our improvement focus efforts a bit too intensely singled in on the things we think we, our staff and peers, our organizations, and our community must do differently. This thinking drives us to the workplan, the business mechanics, the technology, and the training program. It also drives us to the performance metrics, the outcome measures, the performance agreements, etc. This, in general, can (without some careful thought) add a lot of additional work and stress to already full workloads. Instead, perhaps, we might pause and consider that what is on the work plan may be largely what should be on the work plan (at least for the most part). Instead, if we spend some time reflecting about how we as leaders and subject matter experts “show up” as we engage and perform - particularly - the leading elements of these essential tasks, we gain insight about how to “do it differently.” In my work as a consultant, so much of the insight I hope to bring to a project and to clients is around finding and exploiting the “highest leverage” activities, investments, efforts, tools, etc. to address and resolve issues or challenges that are identified. Most systems consultants would reflect that these leverage points exist at the strategic level, rather than the operational level, and thus, express themselves in "what" we choose to do versus "how" we choose to do it. Before you get confused, the way we show up is a strategic-level action. It acts on the culture and drives what we choose to be. The way we show up, and the way we choose to behave with each other (including all our community of customers, stakeholders, staff, etc.) defines how we will do our work. For more information about how we can help you more seamlessly connect your workplan with the way you “show up,” contact Demarche Consulting Group. 

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